Friday, 28 May 2010

Thats all the launch colours listed and a special offer!

I've had a busy day, I've listed the rest of the launch colours on the website and set up the fabric of the month club.

There is a special offer giving 15% off all orders between now and the end of June.  Enjoy!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

The first fabric colours are up!

While the shop is still very much a WiP the first 6 colours are up.  I am hoping to get the rest of the launch colours up tomorrow, along with the fabric of the month information.

A new shop and a new blog!

Hello!  Well welcome to the Crafty Kittens shop blog.  This is just a very quick post as I'm in the middle of adding lots of images to the shop so that it can go 'live'.

The Crafty Kitten is a new online needlework store, which specialises in hand dyed fabrics.  I'm really excited about the launch product range and I'll be adding to it and expanding it regularly.  Watch this space for info on when it goes live plus offers :)

Just as a taster, expect to see these colours appear on the site: