Monday, 22 November 2010

32 count opalescent Belfast Linen and Tips Section on Blog

It's been a couple of quiet weeks news wise as normal for the middle of the month.  I've added one new fabric type to the website, 32 count opalescent Belfast Linen, it's available in all of the hand dyed colours.  Check out the opalescent fabric section on the site to find it. 

Just a quick reminder, if you're looking for a specific fabric type in one of our hand dyed colours and it isn't on the website drop me an email at and I will see what I can do about it.  I am adding new fabrics to the site when someone requests them.  It's the small company thing, much as I'd love to have every fabric in stock and on the website I don't have the storage space so I'm only buying new fabric types when I need them.

I've added a tips and explanations section to the blog (follow the link in this post and it's also in the menu on the right hand side).  I've started it off with a few notes on washing hand dyed fabrics (something I don't recommend but I appreciate it might sometimes be necessary).  I'll be adding other tutorial and Q&A based items there over time so if there's anything you'd like to know drop me a message and I'll see what I can do.

Other things to keep an eye out for on the site in the run up to the end of the year, obviously a new LTD Ed colour for December, at least one more new release colourwise.  There will also be a small number of grab bags available next month, the details of what will be in them and the cost I'm still working out.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

November new colours

I've just added Novembers LTD colour to the website, it's a blend of soft pinks.  The colour variation is more subtle than strawberry sorbet.  This colour came about as I was trying to get a soft pink/grey blend.  It didn't work out quite the way I'd planned but I really like the colour so I decided to release it as this month LTD.

The other new colour is Icicle, this is a very soft pale blend of blue and aqua, it should give a nice subtle icy background.  It doesn't scan that well as it is quite pale but it's a very delicate and pretty wintery shade.