Friday, 1 October 2010

October releases and our new competition winner

It's the first of October and that means a change in the Limted Edition colour!
Octobers Ltd Ed
I had fun yesterday playing with autumnal colours, and came up with 2 possibilities for this months limited edition.  I have released both colours today, one as the limited edition and the other as a standard colour called Fall Foliage.  I chose to make Fall a standard colour as it's very usable it should work well for any slightly Autumnal fairy it's soft enough in shade it won't over power a design. I don't always release the colours that don't make it as monthly limiteds.

Fall Foliage
Moss Rose

I had been tempted to go down the pumpkin orange route for this month, but looking out of the window to where the trees are beginning to change yesterday made me reconsider.  My pear tree is going a beautiful shade of orangy red, so that was the inspiration for the limited colour.  I haven't forgotten Halloween, I have something planned for the end of the month, but I'm not telling you what yet! 

Also released today is Raspberry Parfait, a blend of raspberry pinks, and finally and by no means least Moss Rose, the September newsletter competition winner, named by Ilke Cochrane.  Thank you for all your entries, I had trouble picking a winner.

Raspberry Parfait

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