Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Reminder and upcoming competition information

Firstly the reminder.  There is less than a week left in January, if you want the LTD edition colour for the month don't forget to order it!

Secondly.  I've got some early warning competition information.  The Crafty Kitten will be celebrating it's first birthday in June.  I know that's quite a way off, but I wanted to give you some pre-warning.  There will be a submitted stitching photos competition.  Basically it'll work like this.

Any photographs that are submitted for the galleries stitched by yourself on a crafty kitten fabric by June 12th 2011 will automatically be entered.  Here are the preliminary categories (these might change a bit, and I will add stitch count info nearer the deadline.

1)  WiPs: you can submit as many WiP pictures as you like before the deadline, only one entry per design you're stitching will be counted (e.g. if you send me weekly updates of a design I'll only count the most recent picture as the entry), if you're stitching multiple designs each will count, as long as there is a reasonable amount of stitching on them (e.g. 10 stitches on a bit of fabric isn't enough!).

2) Completed Small Designs

3) Completed Medium Designs

4) Completed Large Designs

Winners will be selected randomly for each category using a random number generator.  Obviously any WiP pictures from me won't be eligible for the competition!

Prizes will be gift vouchers for the Crafty Kitten, again more details in a few months.

Now for the small print bit!  You MUST only submit pictures of things you have stitched yourself and they MUST be stitched on a Crafty Kitten fabric. 

To make my life a little easier, when you send me a photo of a new WiP please can you let me know who the design is by (saves me hunting about online and acquiring more stash while looking for it!).  What fabric you're stitching it on (colour and count, again my memory is good but it's not perfect!).  Also if you've got a blog I'm more than happy to link to that in the photo album and here on the blog and on FB when I upload your picture.

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