Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Starburst Fabrics are now available

I've just added 'Starburst' as two colour options in the colour gradients section of the website.  I've added a grey version and a blue one.  Both of which are designed to replace the bleached background of Lavender and Lace's Firefly Fairies.  The effect is different from a bleached fabric, but I like the way that they have come out. 

I will be adding more colour options, a blue/green one will appear at some point for mermaids.  As these fabrics have a focal point they need to be ordered to the design size you want rather than cut down from a standard cut.  So if you're interested in them in any colour combination please email me.

 The two following pictures are photographs (so slightly dark) of the greys showing the full fabric cut (one 18 count aida and 1 22 count hardanger).  The actual colour is the colour of the above scan

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