Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lots of new charts

Well as promised I've managed to get the new charts up on the website.  There were quite a few of them and they can all be found in the charts category.  The charts are either split into theme or by designer.  The designers with separate sections are Lizzie*Kate, Sweetheart Tree, and Ink Circles.  I have also added sections for dragons, Halloween, animals and hardanger

The charts are from a mixture of designers and themes and across several price points.  Many of them have chart plus fabric discount offers on them.  Where I've paired a chart with a hand dyed fabric you can get 10% off the price when you purchase both together, you can also chose whether to go with the colour I've suggested (if there is one) or with a different colour of your own choice.

Shown are a selection of my personal favourites, it was hard to get it down to three!

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