Friday, 9 September 2011

We have an App in the Apple App store!

It's Friday, and looking to be a very wet weekend in the UK.  I do however have something new for any of you that have an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch to play with.  A while ago I was looking for an app for my phone that would calculate fabric sizes for stitched designs.  I couldn't find one available so I had a chat with the lovely guys at Westward IT, who built me one.  It's called Crafty Fabric and will work out the sized piece of fabric you need.  All you have to do is give the app the fabric count, size margin you want and the stitch count and select if you want to stitch over one or two threads of fabric and it will tell you how big a piece of fabric you need.  There are full details on the website, including the App store download links, here.

You might also notice that I've been playing about with the home page for the shop a little, I'm gradually in the background moving fabrics into colour groups so they are easier to browse.  It's going to take a while to do, but watch this space!

Have a great weekend and I hope you get time to stitch.

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