Thursday, 15 September 2011

Our first semi-automatic chart program

I've got a little information for you today on a semi-automatic program for the Six-Fat Men chart set from Lizzie*Kate.  I currently have 2 of the 3 designs released so far on the website, one was out of stock with my supplier and 3 are yet to be released.

These charts have been designed so that they can be stitched alone or together to make up a larger picture, using the border on the Lizzie*Kate website.

This semi-automatic program is for those people that would like the whole set of six designs.  It's semi-automatic as I will send PayPal invoices when I have all six in stock, which you will then need to pay.  The advantage to you is that you know I will have your charts in stock so you won't risk me being sold out of any you need.  Please only sign up if you definitely want the charts.

There are two options for this, chart only or chart plus hand dyed fabric

I anticipate that the full set of 6 charts will be in the region of £17.00 when I have them, that's dependant slightly on the exchange rate, it won't be more than £17.50 (plus our standard p&p).

If you would like the charts plus the hand-dyed fabric.  The stitch count is 182 x 147, which equates to a piece of fabric (28 count evenweave or 14 count) of 19" x 16.5", this gives a 3" margin around the stitching for making up.  This works out in price to approximately £26.60, for both the chart and fabric together (final price might vary slightly from the exchange rate), that is a saving of 10% on the separate prices of the fabric plus the charts (the fabric would be £12.55 on its own).  Don't forget to add our standard p&p to this price.  Different counts and types of fabric are available and the 10% off will still apply.  At the bottom of the sign up message for this option please add the colour fabric and the fabric type and count you would like.  The Crafty Kitten recommended fabric is sunset sky.

The links to sign up for this can be found here

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